Casa Museo de Manuel Antonio

Casa Museo de Manuel Antonio - omarfeitotradicion

Museum House of Manuel Antonio

It is the first house museum open to the public within the framework of the "Rianxo's Literary Academy" project, aimed at the musealisation and enhancement of the houses of Manuel Antonio, Castelao and Rafael Dieste.

Situated in the poet's birth house on Rúa de Abaixo street, where he lived until he was two years old, and stayed frequently during his short life. Transcending the most topical view of this kind of museums, it still preserves its original furniture and displays documents and personal items, as well as references to the life and socio-political context of the author through original and audiovisual materials.


Three floors provide an approach to Manuel Antonio's time and life. The ground floor exhibits a selection of old photographs taken by Xosé Pérez, Manuel Antonio's cousin, which brings to life the Rianxo of the 1920s. The first and second floors review the poet's life and work, and provide references to the period he lived in, from a literary, political and social point of view.


The House museum offers both independent visits during opening hours and guided visits for organised groups (schools, associations). All guided visits must be reserved in advance by telephone or email.

Opening hours, addresses and contact numbers:

Monday - Friday: 08.00 h - 15.00 h
Other opening hours: by request at the Museo do Mar (Praza de Castelao)

Casa-Museo de Manuel Antonio
Rúa de Abaixo
15920 Rianxo (A Coruña)

881 988 586

881 862 305

Tourist information centre: 981 866 663